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5 Most In-Demand E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2023

5 Most In-Demand E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2023

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The e-commerce business has been thriving for quite some time now. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, all of the industries got affected but E-commerce saw a boom. Thankfully, the pandemic is over now and we are moving back to normal life. But resultantly, e-commerce has become a part of life for all consumers worldwide. E-commerce website design had a lot of disintegrations in the past. However, since consumers now are more focused on e-commerce, the website designs and functionality as well as numerous features are being fixed and added to enhance user experience and value proposition. Today, we talk about the 5 most in-demand e-commerce website trends in 2023 that will make the website stand out from its counterpart and ensure business success..

Immersive Visual Experience

Among all factors that encourage customers to make a purchase at an e-commerce website, visual experience ranks among the top. With the rise in animations and cinematography, e-commerce websites in 2023 would need to focus on integrating engaging and captivating visuals to enhance user experience. This includes GIFs and animations that show movements and add the factor of visual interest to otherwise static pages. The era of static pages is gone. Now is the time for dynamism which tempts the customers to make a purchase at an e-commerce store. If your product is demonstrated through interactive animations and cinematography, it eventually leaves a mark on the viewer.

High-quality product images and interactive 360-degree views and augmented reality (AR) experiences provide a sense of realism to customers. It further motivates them to try the product and become loyal customers. This also helps them in making informed purchase decisions creating a memorable and immersive experience shareable with other customers enhancing brand recognition value.

Minimalistic and Clean Layouts

The days of heavy and text-stuffed websites are long gone. Users now prefer light and minimalistic designs with clean easy-on-the-eye layouts for comprehension and readability. This also allows them to easily navigate through the website focusing on what the seller wants them to see. With ample white space, minimalistic designs provide a visually appealing, uncluttered interface enhancing user engagement and encouraging seamless user experiences. This is also embedded with material design being a popular trend in e-commerce websites. The material design focuses on a minimalistic appearance with a touch of modernization inculcating vibrant colors with a content-focused layout. However, everything is subtle so that it doesn’t seem like everything is being thrown at the face of the customer.

Shadow effects, motions and shaded backgrounds add a touch of class to the material design keeping it engaging and interesting. Minimalism is the go-to trend for e-commerce website designs for now but that’s not going to be the case forever. Considering the dynamics, you never know what’s going to be next.

Left-Aligned Hamburger Menus

The sites were heavily studded with navigation menus at the top browsing with categories and all other tabs. In bootstrap designs, the hamburger menu was on the right side eating up a lot of space when opened. Now, the trend is shifting to the hamburger menu being on the left side because it is the space which takes less eye portion and people focus on the right side of the web page more often. Hamburger menus are three stacked lines which when clicked open a slider or a drawer menu help in website navigation. It also gives the user an accessibility menu to gain control of the website and easily navigate the website.

Users might find it difficult at first because they are used to the top bar/quick links in the footer. The hamburger menu is surely going to be the future in e-commerce website design dominatingthe market.

Multitudinous Imagery

According to a recent survey, 81% of consumers are likely to research online before making a purchase decision. Many people have opined that they are likely to see product images before going for the product itself. It gives them an idea of whether the product is useful and worth the price or not. Multitudinous imagery is one of the upcoming and trending web design features for e-commerce websites. Apart from retail, clothing, sportswear, sporting gear and all other types of e-commerce website designs should include a multitude of imagery in order to attract customers. Images will take the spotlight on e-commerce websites and contribute to enhanced user experience.

Compelling images fascinate the customers and enhance user engagement enticing them to make a purchase decision. The seller has only seconds to grab the user’s attention. In those few moments, the seller needs to create an impactful first impression. The visual appeal certainly helps them attract eyeballs.

Embrace Long Scrolls and Eliminate Slow Loadings

People are short on time anywhere in the world. Nobody likes to wait for a slow-loading website either desktop or mobile versions. 40% of users are likely to shift to competitor websites in case of a slow-loading website, and 32% are likely to never visit again if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load. People like fast websites that open within a second and give quick responses to user queries. Also, what people don’t like is navigating through pages to browse hundreds of products in the portfolio of the e-commerce website design. They don’t like to jump from one page to another for finding a desired product. This trend has not shifted to long scrolls.

In 2023, the new e-commerce website designs are likely to include long scrolls where products will be displayed as users will keep scrolling down the page. In this manner, the user can glance at thousands of products without having to turn the page. This engaging and interactive experience will allow the customer to not only make continuous purchases but also spread positive word of mouth regarding the company and thus, grow its customer base and contribute towards enhanced brand recognition and loyalty.

The Wrap Up

To wrap it up, e-commerce websites have gained a significant boom since the Covid-19 pandemic, and their continuous usage is still at its peak, with no signs to stop in the near future. Considering this and the advancements in technology, e-commerce website owners need to incorporate the 5 most in-demand features in their e-commerce websites that deliver an enhanced user experience while also converting visitors to sales. These e-commerce website trends are what will make you stand out from the competition and drive higher sales, while also enhancing user experience that will last a lifetime. To get an e-commerce website equipped with all the latest features and trends that will make your business go from stale to stellar, contact Design Vikings.