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A Guide to Do’s and Don’ts of Logo Design in 2023

A Guide to Do’s and Don’ts of Logo Design in 2023

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Underestimating the importance of a professional and creative logo is a grave mistake. It is more than a visual design. It is a brand’s visual identity and asset that lays the foundation of a successful and powerful brand. The logo has the power to make or break the brand. If you are looking for a compelling logo, here’s a guide for the do’s and don’ts of creative logo design. This will help you create a timeless masterpiece. A logo is the face of a business and is generally the first impression on the viewer. You need to make sure that it is absolutely flawless. The impact that logo leaves on the viewer is absolutely in the control of the designer and business owner.

We combine a list of elements from industry research, expert advice and the experience of individuals that have been in the field long enough to understand the dynamics of creating influential and impactful logos.

The Do’s

– Color Pickings

Contrasting colors are and always will be complementary to each other. A combination of a dark background and bright logo color, or bright background with dark logo color is favored by the designer because this contrasting look makes the logo visually appealing. A background color similar to that of the logo will mess up the entire look and the logo will lose its distinctiveness.

Research Before Action

Always prefer research before taking any action in the logo design. The research helps you widen your spectrum and know the recent trends that help in crafting a creatively compelling logo that immediately leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Conduct research on the target audience and competition to understand the aesthetics and breadcrumbs of a powerful logo. You must understand what they do well and what room for improvement is still there so you can capitalize on that. Also, know your target audience’s preferences so you can immediately resonate and convey your brand’s message in a meaningful way. After all the information is gathered, you can now start designing your logo keeping in mind all the relevant points that you’ve found through the research.

Varied Logo Styles

Variations are the key. There was a time when one size fits all concept was at its peak and companies used to design a single logo variation that was to be used in all places. The trend has now shifted to crafting variations of a logo. The designs have become highly skilled, the industry dynamics are being shaped every day, and the designing tools have become powerful to such an extent that many variations can be designed. With so many options available, you can now choose the best logo design that resonates perfectly with your products and services and is equally liked by the audiences.

– Keeping it Simple

Simplicity is the way to go in the contemporary era. Don’t overcomplicate things and keep things simple. A good logo that is simple in design, font, shapes and colors is easy to remember for the audiences and leaves a powerful mark on the viewers. Using too many fonts or colors might confuse the viewers and make a mess out of a beautiful design so always make sure to promote simplicity and select logo designs that are simple to view and understand. Also, if the logos are meaningless, and don’t convey the intended message, it’s time you need to rethink and redesign the logo.

The Don’ts

Too Many Details

The logos are visual symbols for a brand that acts as the brand’s face and represent it in front of the world. Symbols need to be self-explanatory. If you have to accompany details with a symbol regarding the meaning it carries, the rule of simplicity explained earlier is nullified. The logo should be kept simple and any unnecessary details that might overburden the logo should be avoided. Adding redundant elements can cause muddled outcomes and force the audience to lose interest. A simple logo is always easy to remember – but it should be meaningful to survive in the long run.

– Over-Reliance on Fonts

Think of any great logo that is impactful in your eyes. You will almost always notice that they use fewer fonts and those fonts are consistent across their branding. The font selection is perhaps the most important choice when designing a logo. The designer and brand should stick to either one or at most two fonts for a logo. Using many fonts might create a messy look and ruin the logo. It can also cause confusion among the audience because they might not be able to connect with you due to the lackluster look of the logo.

– Changing Designs Repeatedly

Changing the logo design might not always be a smart idea. Consistency is the key if you want to stay in your customer’s mind for long. Some brands like to change logos with every offering every now and then. However, that does not establish its identity and also affects the credibility of the brand. Changing logo design, again and again, might do more harm than good for any brand. Don’t change the design unless it is absolutely necessary. Also, don’t plagiarize anyone else’s design. It is good to take inspiration from your competitors but don’t directly copy from them.

– Avoid Using Photos

Using photos in a logo design can be a grave mistake. Logo designing is an art; a skill that takes years to master. Designers instill their creativity to make the most of the opportunity for creating powerful and impactful logos. Always make sure to avoid using photos. It leaves a bad impression on the viewer if they see a photo embedded in the design. A logo is the distinct identity of a brand. Make it distinct with a unique and fresh approach to carefully craft logos that define your legacy.

Logo designing is nothing less than art – because what you create is a piece that forges your distinct identity. For this reason, you need to make sure that your logo carries a message, delivers it across to the audience and acts as the face of your brand. Only impactful and powerful brand logos make the brand stand out from the competition who clearly follow the guidelines of what pros and cons can be of logo designing in the contemporary dynamic world. Take notes from the points above and make sure that your logo shines brightly paving the way for success.