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App Store Optimization (ASO): Learn how to optimize your app’s visibility and rankings in app stores

App Store Optimization (ASO): Learn how to optimize your app’s visibility and rankings in app stores

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The world has dynamically evolved to incorporate new technologies every day. It all started with the boom of internet to e-commerce in late 90s and early 2000s. While 2010 saw the rise of social media taking over the world. Smartphones development and mobile technologies gaining wide attention coincided with the evolution of social media. With the mobile technologies reaching peak, the web browsers turned to web applications and then mobile applications. Mobile applications gained significant limelight as people wanted to access the world at their fingertips.

Companies jumped onto the bandwagon and started developing applications. But over the years, there are millions of applications in the app store for both Android and iOS. The question is how do you make your application stand out among such a large pool? There’s one simple answer – app store optimization (ASO), a technique enabling enhancing app store rankings enhancing your visibility. Let’s discuss about what exactly app store optimization is unveiling some of the best ASO techniques that can be a game-changer for your app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO techniques optimize elements within your mobile and web application improving visibility and gaining organic reach making your app successful. ASO store marketing involves optimizing keywords, app description, app title, app store rating, screenshots, and app icons to increasing organic downloads. By using ASO techniques, you can augment the app store conversion rate and app store downloads so you can become a top player within your category on your preferred mobile platform or both platforms if you have a hybrid app. App store optimization can help you target the correct audience because these are the people that will really be the users rather than random target that will waste your resources. Moreover, ASO techniques and app store marketing helps in improving overall performance of your app which leads to better profitability and business growth.

Strategies and Techniques for ASO

The first step is conducting research on the keywords. App store keywords play a crucial role in ASO as they enable user in discovering your application. Keywords that describe your audience, app features and functionality are important in app store user engagement. Use the keyword planner for identification of high, moderate, and low competition keywords and carefully target your relevant audience. Incorporating keywords into the app description, titles and meta helps in better app store ranking of your application. The next step is to make a compelling and attractive title for your application. This enhances your app’s purpose through keyword relevancy.

The title should be short, concise and engaging. It should communicate the value proposition that encourages users to click the download button. An optimized title can enhance your click through rate and app store user engagement. App store algorithm works in such a way that keywords help in ranking your application better and higher with the right optimization ASO techniques.

Visual Assets

Visual assets also play a key role in app store optimization and increasing app store ratings. Your visual assets are inclusive of your application icon, logo, screenshots and videos in the description that helps the users get a hands-on experience and insights into your app. The visual assets act as attention-grabbers for the audience captivating the people towards you. App store marketing is significantly dependent upon the visual assets. A startling app icon design can make you shine among large pool of apps that might be similar to you. If your app icon is memorable and iconic, it will automatically increase your app store user engagement. The screenshots should be able to highlight your app’s key features and functionality so people would know the reason to download your app. App store conversion rate can be enhanced through ASO techniques that optimize your app store marketing and downloads.

App Store Ratings

Last but not the least are the app store ratings. Positive reviews can work wonders. People generally tend to believe other people’s opinions and are highly likely to download an app with positive reviews. Higher app store ratings improve the trust level and credibility among the general public. Hence, the app surely creates a buzz and provides an enhanced user experience to get app store marketing. App store optimization is the key to outsmart your rivals and top-rank your application. With the right app store metadata, people will gain high visibility which will entice them to try your application. If your application is designed and functioning in a way that is loved by customers, it is almost certain that app store ratings will be higher. A positive word of mouth will eventually lead to higher trust and credibility that will result in higher app store downloads for your app.


App store optimization, or ASO, is a vital strategy for enhancing your brand’s visibility and encouraging users to download. The ASO techniques help in increasing app store downloads and app store ratings that will eventually lead to higher exposure among the general public for your app. Some techniques include app store keywords, app store conversion rate, app store user engagement that work well with app store algorithm to rank your application higher. These techniques can be utilized to make your application the epitome of success. The companies need to understand the importance of app store marketing to stand out among the client. Therefore, the importance of app store metadata cannot be undermined as well as it also leads to higher app store downloads. Be sure to use the techniques described in this article with doing app store optimization to make your application a guaranteed success.