CBD Branding Synergy: How to Build a Comprehensive and Cohesive CBD Brand

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Post the 2018 Farm Bill, the USA market has seen exponential growth in the CBD products market. With such a rapid rise, the products are conquering the market in every form possible. But still, there exists a daunting task in successfully building a CBD brand. From CBD sales being $0.35 billion in 2018 increasing drastically […]

Emergence of CBD as a Wellness Product and Branding in the Wellness Sector in the USA

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Over the past decade, cannabidiol or CBD has emerged as an organic product in the medical and wellness field for many reasons. CBD-based products including oils, tinctures and gummies are being widely used by individuals in the USA. Although still in the infancy stage, it has been clinically proven to be effective against certain diseases […]

Branding – The Key to Unlocking Business Potential

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Introduction Before knowing about building a brand identity, it needs to be understood successfully what actually is branding. Although you might have heard many things about branding but the term itself is very vague. This needs a fair understanding of not only what branding is but how can its power unlock the business potential. People […]