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Culinary-Web Magic: 10 Pro Tips for a Restaurant Website Design That Entices Customers and Conquers Google

Culinary-Web Magic: 10 Pro Tips for a Restaurant Website Design That Entices Customers and Conquers Google

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The restaurant industry is among the most competitive industry in the world, with many players operating in close proximity. The competition is fierce, so to stand out and shine bright among a large crowd of restaurants, you need to position yourself in such a manner that people are attracted to you, and keep yourself visible in the Google rankings. Considering that the world is excelling digitally, small and big businesses alike need to have a strong online presence. For this reason, restaurants need to have a website that resonates with the audience and is designed aesthetically to please the viewers, entice them to act and stay on top of Google rankings. Let us tell you 10 pro tips related to website design that restaurants can use to outsmart their rivals.

Simple and Responsible Design

Although many people think that intricate designs might lure customers to the website and adding elements can be tempting. However, there is a big risk involved – people might get distracted due to the intricacy and complexity involved. The website should have only one purpose – attract customers to the website whether online or physically and serve delicious food. Before choosing a design, the website should also focus on the end user’s/customer’s needs. The client can be a new, potential client or a returning client. The website should detail the primary information customers are looking for including;

  • 1. Menu
  • 2. Location
  • 3. Working hours
  • 4. Contact information

With this, the website should be made responsive. A mobile-friendly and responsive website can help it get to the top Google rankings. Google views the website from the lens of a mobile device because of more than 6.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. More than half of all online traffic is generated through mobile.

Mouthwatering Visuals

People come to the restaurant website due to one sole reason – food – because it is the primary offering. Be sure to include high-quality, appetizing, sizzling and mouthwatering food photography that entices the customers to leave everything and come to you to try the deliciously appearing cuisine. A successful website is literally where people can taste the visuals, at least metaphorically. However, don’t exaggerate and be deceptive in your food photography by showing something else and serving something else. People come to you after viewing the food online, so don’t disappoint them because you want them to be returning, again and again, to fulfilling their cravings.

Easy Navigation and Strategic Color Choice

The website design should be simple and easy to navigate. No one likes to keep searching for their preferred options including menu, reservation options, contact information, prices, location etc. Show them the options in a seamless manner so their experience is enhanced and they are engaged to the very end. If the customer is satisfied and happy when leaving, they are likely to return. Additionally, you should always give your designer the entire brand guide including the restaurant’s USP and your brand’s persona concisely. Apart from that, the color combination/theme of the website should be strategic. In addition to brand colors, you should not shy away from trying contrasting colors, playing with opacity, or trying a heavier or lighter shade to just give it a try. A pleasing experience to the eye leaves a lasting impression and stays in the customer’s mind forever. You surely want that, don’t you?

Clear Contact and Menu Buttons

Just getting the customer to visit your website is not enough, you would want them to act to reach out to you. What better way than to integrate clear buttons that connects them to you? The contact button should be highly visible and should pop up at the very front. It should be of contrasting color from the background highlighting it and should contain relevant information including phone number, address, and email as well as Google map integration helping them find you easily. Discourage adding PDF menus to the website because of two drawbacks. They are slow-loaders and users will need to download them to view the menu. Integrate interactive menus displaying a proper list of food items, their description, prices, deals/discounts, and special seasonal cuisines updated in real-time. This will help customers to place online orders effortlessly while also getting in touch for reservations, inquiries or any other information.

Online Reservation System

What many websites lack is the option to reserve your seats online. Giving them the option to make online bookings and streamline the process will make your website design a great success. However, make sure that the booking procedure does not intertwine with the dine-in or lead to a conflicting situation due to technical difficulties in the system which might tarnish your restaurant’s reputation. A smooth integration can help increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and save time for staff as well as guests.

Assess the Competitors

Since the restaurateurs operate in close proximity, you might have some competition around you. Suppose you have 4 other restaurants that are offering the same type of food as you, now you must know how to differentiate yourself from the competition to stay ahead of them and attract customers before your rivals reach out to them. Assessment of the external factors as well as competition is the key to successfully surviving the threat of being forced out of competition. See their website designs and pick out the loopholes that you can exploit to become the dominant force within the industry, at least in your vicinity. Carefully take a look at how they have designed their website and how can you improve the user experience by offering what each of them has been lacking. Build the right blend of elements to offer customers everything that they want.

Include Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When visiting the website, customers are only focused on two things – the menu and customer reviews. Word of mouth can make or break your business. Always make sure to include genuine customer reviews because it gives a strong impression of your business. After checking the menu and prices, customers are likely to read customer reviews. If they find negative ones, they might not even think of trying or giving your website a go. In addition to the delicious eating options you offer, make sure to collect customer feedback and not only post it on your website but act if there is room for improvement. Always make sure to satisfy customers.

Social Media Integration

Do not underestimate the power of social media. People spend more time online than offline viewing different materials of their interest. In order to have a strong online presence, a beautifully created, fully functional and amazing website is not enough, you need to keep your social media page active and running while integrating all the possible channels and becoming omnichannel by grabbing the opportunity with both hands to make your presence strong at all fronts. Social media engagement can become a great source of attracting customers to your restaurant. Promoting yourself on social media is important, make sure to integrate them with social media and vice versa.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To conquer the rankings on Google, search engine optimization (SEO) is the basic and primary tool that can help you achieve higher rankings. This helps you gain enhanced visibility so you can always be in front of the audience’s eyes. Be sure to optimize at all ends if you want to survive for long. It is important to conduct keyword research to know the relevant keywords that can help you rank higher. Then, incorporate those keywords into your content naturally and logically so your website can be capable of attracting organic traffic. Remember to pay special attention to meta tags, headings, and alt text for images to improve SEO.

Continuously Monitor and Optimize

Lastly, nothing is perfect forever. The world we live in is by all means dynamic in nature and keeps changing. So, if you’ve put a strategy, design or website in place, it won’t stay there forever, nor does achieving the top rank on the first page of Google will always stay. For this purpose, keep checking for recent trends and updates in the industry for design, SEO strategies and social media trends within the restaurant industry. You should always be ready to accept change and stay updated with the trends in the world. Even if it needs to revamp your entire design, don’t be afraid to take the leap. If you’ve done it once, you can do it again. Optimizing your website for enhanced performance according to customer expectations keeps them satisfied and regular so they keep coming back.


The restaurant is among the most competitive industries in the world. A website design that makes the restaurant successful is for sure complex and challenging, but not impossible. The design should always be user-friendly and the website should be accessible always you should also pay heed towards SEO techniques that help you gain visibility and rank higher on Google. Focusing on simple and responsive design, adding customer reviews, keep continuously improving, showcasing clear menu and contact buttons, and enticing customers through mouthwatering, delicious pictures are among the tips that can make your website design successful if you’re a restaurant owner. We have tried to give you the best pro tips in the industry to make your restaurant website a success, and eventually make more profits for you. If you’re looking for a similar design, connect with us because we at Design Vikings sure know how to make one for you.