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Using Social Media to Build a Trustworthy CBD Brand Online: Effective Tips for CBD Topicals and CBD Gummies

Using Social Media to Build a Trustworthy CBD Brand Online: Effective Tips for CBD Topicals and CBD Gummies

CBD Topicals and CBD Gummies

CBD market is a growing market that is making success leaps and bounds over the last 5 years. In 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, the hemp and CBD product farming and selling was legalized in USA but with restrictions. The products must not contain THC or have minimum concentration (<0.3%). But since the development is taking place very slow, the marketing and advertising laws are very strict. The federal laws and state laws might differ in every region, but the general perception on sale and promotion of CBD products over mainstream media is still highly regulated. This concludes that mass marketing is not the right way to market your CBD products. Then what’s the choice left? It’s the social media which can be targeted for spreading awareness and promoting CBD products. Yet, the social media company policies are still highly strict such as Meta and Google disallowing advertisements.

In such a complex case, marketers need to redefine their strategies and think creatively to utilize social media for brand-building. Companies in the CBD industry might look for expert opinion regarding the utilization of social media for promoting CBD topicals and CBD gummies. In today’s digital and dynamic environment, social media is without a doubt an indispensable tool for building and promoting brands across industries. The CBD market is no exception. CBD brands need to creatively use social media for promoting topicals, gummies and other products to establish trust, connect with target audience and eventually, become top players. Today, we explore the effective tips for using social media to build a trustworthy brand online. We specifically focus on CBD gummies and CBD topicals in this article. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Keywords and Hashtags

Social media platforms act as communities within the community. Keyword identification is a key part of the SEO strategy. When you identify keywords, use them in your social media content such as websites, blog posts, articles and video content to get highlighted in the eyes of customers. A plain caption, an intelligent hashtag or alt text on images all contribute towards building your brand for CBD gummies and topics, or all CBD products. Yet, the research is mandatory. Instagram, for example, has the policy of banning sensitive hashtags such as using the word ‘cannabis’. Despite all the challenges faced, creative and intelligent utilization of hashtags on social media can give your brand the required exposure to the right audience. But research is the foremost thing to do.

Educational Content

Although in 2023 the companies have progressed to redefine their policies regarding the advertisement of CBD products globally, the laws are still very much stringent towards them. But instead of directly urging customers to buy your product or pushing it through paid marketing, you can make educational content such as blogs and videos educating customers about the product. You can insert your brand’s products in between to promote CBD gummies and CBD topicals to encourage users to buy them. But make sure to not claim any health benefits since the laws regarding it are very strict. You cannot claim that ‘my CBD topical reduces stress and anxiety’ because it is prohibited by the law. Highlight about organic sourcing, extraction methods, plantation and lab test results to ensure that customers trust your transparency.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing over the years has gained a lot of potential. Influencers are social media personalities that have mass followings. They are basically content creators and people listen to them. Think of it not as a paid marketing tool to push your product. But make influencers your customers and they are recommending a product. They won’t be your sellers or marketers directly; but when they recommend a product, people are likely to listen to them. This can be a great social media strategy that can be effective to build your CBD gummies and CBD topical brand. People trust these influencers and if they are testifying about a product, people would surely believe it.

But that does not mean that you do fake claims and make those influencers say things that are not true. Even though they can be your biggest brand ambassadors, the product quality and transparency should be evident. A mistake can sabotage your reputation and make you regret your decision.

User Testimonials/Brand Ambassadors

Apart from influencer marketing that are part of the community, you can also attain services of normal customers. Ask them to genuinely review your product and become brand ambassadors. These customers can have large social circles and can communicate your message effectively. They can widen your reach to the target audience and help you increase sales. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of brand ambassadors you can have. Your genuine customers can be your greatest marketers through word of mouth both online and offline. On social media, they are part of various small communities where they can promote your product and enhance your reputation/sales. These users can be organic customers and definitely true users of your CBD topicals and CBD gummies and would generally opine the right thing to your audience.

Be Responsive and Showcase Brand Values

Your online presence on social media is all you need to stay active and engage with the community. Engagement is a vital tool that often tends to get ignored among various social media tools available online. The potential customers are often curious about CBD-related concerns and questions. You can utilize your social media profiles to answer the FAQs and address the concerns. Conduct engagement sessions with potential customers where you answer their questions. Questions about safety, usage, dosage, potential interactions and potential health benefits can be posted. With accurate and helpful information available to customers, they are likely to trust your brand as a credible source of CBD topicals and CBD gummies related knowledge.

Moreover, make your vision, mission and values clear and post them on social media. Let your audience know that you stand for a cause, for example sustainability and ethical sourcing. If the customer interest aligns with your values, they are likely to purchase from you.

Consistency is the Key

No one likes a brand that appears once in a blue moon and vanished in thin air when needed. Consistency on social media ensures that the brand actively cares about its customers and is genuine. A consistent brand image showcases positive vibes towards the customers and they are likely to trust you with everything. A consistent message across social media platforms make the customers believe in your CBD topicals and CBD gummies products. Consistent logo, colors and messaging, when pushed through the right social media channels and strategies, is guaranteed to go a long way. Consistency reinforces brand identity and makes your brand easily recognizable to audience.

Visual Appeal

Make sure to visually appeal customers through your packaging. With CBD gummies and CBD topicals, customers are likely to purchase products that appeal to them. High-quality images and videos, textures, packaging, and glamorous appearance make the product resonate with target audience. Aesthetically pleasing visuals, eye-catching packaging, stunning portfolio of product and engaging content with transparency attracts customers and instills confidence. Visual looks are as important as written ingredients, lab test results and concentration labeling since they all contribute towards customer trust and confidence.

Social Media Marketing for CBD Brand Building

We have discussed many social media tips that can be utilized by CBD topicals and CBD gummies brand that can strengthen its online presence. But with all the tips at your disposal, social media professional are indispensable for this task. For this purpose, Design Vikings possesses the right skills and expertise to help you build your CBD brand online on social media. With over 10 years of experience in the digital industry building brands worldwide, we proudly present our services as the best-in-class for promoting your CBD topicals and CBD gummies. Social media marketing has become a necessary tool to adopt in this dynamic world and is perhaps a great tool to provide you competitive advantage. However, not always you have the right pathway to success by using social media. Brand building strategy is perhaps the first step in taking your brand to the next level.

With the absence of brand strategy, you might not be able to follow the next steps in being able to successfully build a bulletproof brand. At Design Vikings, we help you with the first step of brand strategy. Aligning your brand strategy with social media strategy is a sign that you are heading in the right direction. Investing in SEO with brand strategy allows you to stay relevant and competitive in the market. If you want to know more about social media strategy about CBD products, visit www.designvikings.us.