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Emergence of CBD as a Wellness Product and Branding in the Wellness Sector in the USA

Emergence of CBD as a Wellness Product and Branding in the Wellness Sector in the USA

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Over the past decade, cannabidiol or CBD has emerged as an organic product in the medical and wellness field for many reasons. CBD-based products including oils, tinctures and gummies are being widely used by individuals in the USA. Although still in the infancy stage, it has been clinically proven to be effective against certain diseases and problems. The health benefits include epilepsy treatment, pain management, anxiety, depression and sleep disorder management, anti-inflammatory properties and more. In the USA, however, CBD was legalized in 2018 yet it is still a very controlled and regulated chemical compound. If you are one of the sellers of CBD in the USA, we explore the right ways of branding with which you can penetrate the market. Let’s discuss the CBD products in the USA market and what role branding plays in it.

Please note that the information on this website and article should not be used as a substitute for clinical advice. We do not treat any claim as professional advice and this article is for informational purposes only.

CBD and Wellness Sector in the USA

Over the past few years, the USA has observed significant growth in the wellness sector which has accelerated with CBD development. CBD is considered a potent wellness product in the wellness industry globally which is being used as an organic substance for multiple purposes. As the USA wellness industry continues to expand, CBD is a noteworthy consideration. Particularly with health-conscious individuals seeking a natural and organic product for physical and mental well-being. As stated before, CBD was approved as a Schedule 1 drug in 2018. CBD from cannabis is Schedule 1 and is illegal with high potential abuse in the USA. However, hemp production was legalized in 2018 Farm Bill thus, CBD from Hemp is legal and considered Schedule 4 drug.

The State Laws differ in the USA and hence, compliance with federal and state laws is required in each state. Some states have legalized CBD products but some states still consider it illegal to buy and sell. Obtaining CBD with proper doctor’s prescription is still evident in many states. Some states also consider it as over-the-counter (OTC) drug and can be obtained without prescription. With the potential to reduce chronic pains, stress, and anxiety and help the mind relax, CBD oils are popular nowadays. The CBD debate is still very new and developments will continue to take place in future.

CBD Products

CBD-based products for wellness are now available in various forms offering potential health benefits and making their way into users’ daily lives. Some common CBD wellness products include.


These are liquid extracts of CBD in the form of droplets. They are consumed by placing the drops under the tongue for fast effect and absorption. The oils and tinctures are available in different concentrations as per the user’s needs. Stress reduction, pain relief and general wellness are some common benefits of using CBD oils and tinctures.


For precise dosages, CBD is available in capsule or softgel form. For daily and consistent intake, the softgels are recommended.


As the research and development for CBD continue to evolve, the procedures and mediums for taking CBD are also evolving. It is now available in edibles including chewing gums, chocolates and beverages which are not only tasty but healthy as well. Available in different flavors and doses, these edibles are the most common choice for the younger generation.


CBD-infused creams, lotions and balms are widely available now and are applied directly to the skin. These come with soothing warm or icy cold effects that are instant pain relievers for sore muscles, joint pains and skin conditions.

Pet Products

CBD products are now being commonly used for the well-being of your pets. Treats, oils and capsules are infused with CBD to provide joint support and anxiety relief to pets.

Sleep and Stress Relief

CBD is often combined with melatonin in different products to improve the sleep cycle so you can relax at night times. Moreover, the products can be combined with certain botanicals including lavender or chamomile for stress relief and anti-anxiety.

The Role of Branding in the Wellness Sector

In the wellness and healthcare industry, branding is a significant component that tends to define the brand’s positioning in the audience. With the right elements of branding mixed together, a brand can stand out and gain a competitive edge over rivals. This helps them to sustain themselves in the long run and stay profitable. Product packaging, custom and well-designed logos, well-planned and well-thought-out websites, and merchandising are crucial in defining a brand’s legacy. As medical products need to convey proper information, ingredients, lab results (if necessary) and other critical information, the branding needs to be on point. Branding fosters trust through regulatory compliance and consumer education for health and wellness companies. Therefore, branding occupies a special place in the wellness sector because great branding can help you make your way into the market and cement your place.

Branding and CBD Products in the USA Market

If you are a company dealing in CBD products, it is highly likely that you will face hurdles in the USA markets. Users are inclined towards buying products online which contain inconsistent labeling and improper information. As per research, only 7% of all available CBD oils in the USA were consistent in their concentration and with lab testing. Lab testing for microbial contamination, pesticides and heavy metals is a mandatory requirement for all CBD products. Transparency is the key if you want to win consumer trust in the USA market. As a consumer, with so many companies with false claims selling CBD oils online, you might be at risk. Since there is inconsistency in the concentration of the oils available online, you might be unaware of the minimum dosage you require.

Labelling and Consistency

Doctors prescribe a minimum dosage level for you to get calming effects or relief from pain or stress altogether. Yet, if you are taking inconsistent concentrations, you might not know the amount your endocannabinoid receptors will accept. Thus, you need to buy only from verified sellers to know the proper usage and dosage of CBD products. As a seller, you will need proper branding solutions to thrive in the CBD wellness products market. The right branding can help you penetrate the market and make your place rise to the top. A custom logo design is important in making your mark in the industry. Professional logo designers know the specifics of branding and will help you craft logos that define your legacy.

Product Packaging and Website

Packaging plays a crucial role in CBD products since all vital information is necessary to be mentioned on the packaging. Professional designers are well aware of all the dynamics of packaging to keep your product within the sight of customers. Highlighting your products with the right information and attractive branding will help you boost sales. A website is also a crucial part of the branding. With the right website educating customers about CBD products and their benefits, the brand is likely to grow. Having an engaging user interface with compelling and informational content on your website surely attracts traffic. In the USA, the digital penetration is very high and people are likely to buy products online, hence having an amazing website will give you the edge.

Key Takeaways

If you are looking for branding for your CBD wellness products in the USA, Design Vikings has all the right skills and experience to assist you. You can visit Designvikings.us to get more information. Always remember that for legally selling CBD products in the USA, you must comply with all the requirements and only sell to customers with proper doctor prescriptions. To make sure that you are the customer’s first choice, ensure that your branding is top-notch. At Design Vikings, we ensure that your branding is top-notch so you catch the customer’s eye instantaneously.