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CBD Branding Synergy: How to Build a Comprehensive and Cohesive CBD Brand

CBD Branding Synergy: How to Build a Comprehensive and Cohesive CBD Brand

CBD Branding Design Vikings

Post the 2018 Farm Bill, the USA market has seen exponential growth in the CBD products market. With such a rapid rise, the products are conquering the market in every form possible. But still, there exists a daunting task in successfully building a CBD brand. From CBD sales being $0.35 billion in 2018 increasing drastically to $2 billion in just 4 years. Furthermore, it is expected to double to $4 billion by 2026. There is a very thin line that needs to be taken care of when building a CBD brand. The stereotypes about old cannabis can leave negative connotations on your brand because the perceptions are built already. But if you are going to establish a CBD brand, how to proceed? Today, we discuss the intricacies of building a successful CBD brand along with best practices as per industry experts.

The Challenges

What is CBD

Before delving into building a CBD brand, let’s take a look at the challenges associated with CBD branding. Precisely in the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp production was legalized and it was removed from the controlled substances list. Hemp plant produces two components; THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The THC affects the psych activity in humans giving a ‘high’ feel while CBD is mostly associated with sedation, analgesia and anti-inflammation. The hemp and cannabis plants are of the same species and provide both components; the only difference is the amount produced by both. Since it is involved with ‘cannabis’ often closely related to ‘marijuana’, the perception regarding CBD is still very skeptical. Developments in research have discovered ways to separate CBD from THC from hemp plants. In this manner, CBD can be isolated from THC extraction offering CBD only. CBD is associated with health and wellness benefits.

CBD Market and Negative Perception

Although CBD products are made from the same plants that give a euphoric effect, the uses are much more opposite. With recreational and medicinal uses of CBD products, relaxing effects can be seen similar to herbal tea. CBD products are commonly used as painkillers or sedatives. With health benefits and new discoveries being made daily as part of treatment, people still associate it with illegal substances. The reason is lack of awareness, as well as lack of clinical research as support evidence of CBD as an effective medicine for sleep cycle, anxiety and pain relief.

Capitalize on the Design Trends

Perhaps the biggest challenge for marketers and brand managers around the world is this lack of awareness and research-supported evidence. Marketing CBD as an earthshattering invention which is largely viewed as an ‘illegal’ substance is also a challenge. The CBD market has been growing rapidly and it is among the top industries to watch out for nearly doubling its growth in the next decade. When building a CBD brand, it is crucial to make the brand visually appealing and deliver the right message. The necessity of having CBD products is increasing not only in skincare products but also in CBD chewing gums, oils, tinctures and topicals. Now that we know the whereabouts and the grounds we are treading, let’s move on to the branding aspect.

The Art of Branding

Branding in general is an art. It is the digital landscape where you need to make your design shine in front of the best. It also involves making the consumer believe in your products and services. But foremost, it is about making a statement that you mean business. Although good branding is laid on the foundation of a strong business model, marketing and advertising, graphic elements cannot be ignored. Logo, website, social media presence, content marketing, typography, product packaging and tone generally define your branding strategy. They tend to target your audience and convince customers to buy from you. From color schemes to font selection, everything needs to be intelligently crafted. In the CBD market, all of these things require utmost attention because of multiplied challenges than in any other industry. Professional designers and brand analysts can help you achieve the unthinkable, as we discuss this later on.

General Tips for CBD Branding

CBD is Normal

CBD has been medically proven to be effective in addition to being legal and healthy. Whatever customers think about it is generally not considered, because they are primarily unaware. Consider your CBD products as you would consider any other product. Don’t hesitate and show confidence in your product. Market it as a medication, which it is, to instill trust among consumers. If you start accepting and normalizing the product, your customers will follow suit.

Create a Narrative

People tend to emotionally connect with a brand if it tells a story that relates to them. Clearly define your brand values and build a narrative around them. If your brand is successful in forming an emotional bond, what product you offer often becomes the second priority. In this way, you can get close to customers and build public relations which overall contribute to brand building.

Pick One Direction

CBD products are often used for medicinal or recreational purposes. If you are trying to delve into both directions, it is highly likely that you will lose in both. Pick one direction and put all your efforts and resources into it. The path depends on your products; clearly know what your product is and what it offers.

CBD Branding Strategy

In general, all products are faced with the problem of branding. Particularly with CBD products, the problem becomes complex to legitimize and normalize products. However since the perception is all wrong related to CBD products, crafting an effective branding strategy becomes even more difficult. But that’s what we are here for. Let’s dive into the nuances of CBD branding strategy and unfold the best ways to tackle them.

CBD Logos

A logo is more than just a visual representation. It is the essence of your entire brand. The graphics, color, typography and elements should express what your products are all about. Whatever your brand is all about, the logo should reflect it at first glance. The logo should be based on your brand personality. Creating the perfect logo for your CBD brand is an art. So, if you are unsure, get help from professional logo designers to create your logo. Professional logo designers consider your brand values and personality translating them into the perfect icon for your brand. The perfect logo of CBD products should look professional and sober indicating that you mean businesses. It boosts the confidence of customers and they are likely to trust your brand.

Colors for a CBD Brand

CBD brands are not like others. So, the color selection will also have to be holistic. Since CBD products are closely related to nature, green is the likely choice to go with. Green has the strongest association with hemp and CBD products. With ecology playing a major role, the green color can be the first choice. This also shows the organic properties of the product. If you choose the medical route, blue and white are the proven colors to represent the medical fraternity. In case your brand is based on marketing CBD products as a medicine, white and blue are premier choices showing trust and virtue. If you are marketing your product as a recreational drug, choose luminous and bright colors that can work well. Even using black and gray shades seem to work in this category. Selecting the colors is a major part of CBD brand strategy.

Typography for a CBD Brand

Typography plays a crucial role in overall branding. The font choice you make defines your business. Particularly for a CBD brand, you mean to show professionalism and seriousness. Brands that are casual and friendly such as cafés and restaurants use hand-written and unorthodox fonts. Serif fonts are primarily used by businesses that are mature and target a niche in the wellness industry. For serious businesses, sans-serif fonts can be a great choice. The choice of a CBD brand is totally dependent upon the brand’s personality. If you want to market yourself as a serious brand, go for sans-serif fonts. If you are looking towards a mature persona, opt for a serif font. However, keep in mind the restriction related to CBD product advertising because it is not permissible to include children-imagery and fun elements that entice minors.

Websites for a CBD Product

Top-notch CBD websites offer a smooth and visually captivating journey for their visitors. When developing your CBD website, it’s essential to consider all facets of your brand, aligning elements like imagery, illustrations, layout, typography, color schemes, and brand tone with your logo and existing assets. Maintaining this consistency across your entire website is key.

CBD Product Packaging

Packaging always plays a crucial role in marketing, advertising and particularly brand building. Product packaging is the first element that customers feel by holding the product in their hand. This experience can make or break your brand. CBD product packaging should be professionally designed with the right colors and elements. This should not only become a highlight for the eye but also provide convenient packaging that is not a hurdle for the customers. Visually appealing and functional packaging is the formula for success, which itself is a daunting task. The product packaging for CBD products should be the top priority for any brand looking to make its name. Also, giving out details such as ingredients, usage instructions and warnings that are necessary to be mentioned on the packaging. This helps in winning consumer trust by being honest and transparent.

Social Media for CBD Branding

Social media is the way to go in today’s dynamic landscape. Particularly in terms of CBD products, social media is an ideal tool for reaching the target audience. With consistency and on-brand promotions on all social platforms, you can build a strong presence online. Using social media influencers is also a great strategy for CBD branding. Influencers have a target audience and when they recommend a product, people are willing to try it. But don’t rely on influencers only. Make use of other tools as well. The posts you put up on social media platforms should be engaging and visually aesthetic which can attract potential customers. Make people follow your social media so they gain awareness and know that you exist. You can also use educational videos to educate customers about CBD products, to those who are unaware and don’t know the health benefits of using CBD products.

What’s Next

The CBD industry is a growing and booming market likely to expand into the next decade and become another multi-billion-dollar industry. The demand for CBD products is high and is ever-growing. The marketing techniques being employed are new and are evolving as the strategy unfolds. Before realizing the potential, you need to make a stronghold on your branding to cement your place before saturation starts within the industry. The foremost challenge is changing the public opinion about cannabis and CBD products, which are two different things. Once sorted with spreading awareness, introduce your brand as the solution to customer problems.

If you are looking for someone to help you with it all, Design Vikings is a premium digital agency working on creating successful CBD brands. We have all the right tools, expertise and personnel that help you become the next big thing in the CBD industry. We make you not only stand firm in front of your rivals but put the misconceptions on the backfoot through unorthodox and out-of-the-box marketing strategies. If you are looking to build a CBD brand, contact Design Vikings and tell us your requirements. We will craft a tailored solution for you to step foot into a growing industry and make your mark successfully.