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The Domino Effect: Exploring the Consequences of Bad Logo Design on a Brand

The Domino Effect: Exploring the Consequences of Bad Logo Design on a Brand

Consequences of a bad logo design.

The logo plays a crucial role in branding without a doubt. Big brands rely heavily on their logos to stay in customer’s memories and be relevant in cut-throat competition. In the same manner, small brands compete with their logos to outperform big brands and become the top priority of customers. But, not all logo designs are good. No matter how much a design is likable by the company, its reception by the audience is what makes it successful. History books immortalize brands that get the logo right, while those that don’t fade into obscurity. A bad logo design can turn customers away never to return back and choose competitors otherwise. In addition to receiving an unenthusiastic response from the audience, it also has the tendency to irreversibly damage the brand image. One of the biggest harms is its failure to communicate with the target audience.

Small businesses rely heavily on the logos to make a mark on audience have their feet cemented in the industry to compete with global brands. A logo is the first thing customers notice and generally their decision to choose a brand would also lay with the logo. So, small businesses need to get it right with limited resources. Today, we look at the domino effect that a bad logo design has on a brand. We explore the not-to-be-done elements of logo design and discuss the potential consequences it can have on the brand.

How to Identify a Bad Logo Design

A bad logo design isn’t just that appears visually confusion but does more harm to a brand than good. It even amazes to fail on successful design standards by incorporating some elements right into the place while failing miserably at others. While looking at it, audiences can clearly tell that it is a bad logo design and companies should too. A brand should be proactive in identifying such designs and immediately take the remedy to replace or modify it. Here are some prevalent elements of a bad logo design;

A Complicated Design

An ugly logo design looks complicated at the first glance. It has layers of bad elements entangled randomly providing a negative vibe to the viewer. It includes so many meaningless elements that the audiences don’t know what to extract from it. The bad logo designs appear as hurried just to get a logo in place rather than convey the brand’s personality, message and values comprehensively through the emblem. It can contain confusing typography, many colors and wayward elements that all makes it too complicated.

Non-Scalable Design

Professionally designed logos are generally well thought-out, versatile and scalable. Businesses use different mediums and channels to market their products and services both online and offline. Each platform has its unique characteristics and requires different proportions of the logo. Despite being scaled up and down, great logos tend to convey the same impact. Bad logo designs, contrarily, look disproportioned with scaled up or down. The logos might oversize on billboards and lose its value when appearing on business card so scalability becomes a vital element in logo design.

Obsolete Design

Think of a new brand today coming up with retro style 80s and 90s design. Sure, it would attract a very small group of audience but won’t vibe with present days customers. The new generation or the Gen Z will not be able to resonate with a design that gives a vintage vibe. A good design on the other hand is able to withstand the test of time and remain relevant for years, even decades to come. An obsolete design will get you nowhere. So, now you know that if you see an obsolete design, it is a red flag for a bad logo design.

Unoriginal Design

Many brands take inspiration from their competitors and rivals within the same industry. However, blatant copy of other’s logos is a problematic curve for the companies which damages the brand image beyond repair. A similar-looking logo design confuses the customers, might also make them resemble a famous brand. But that only lasts for a short while because sooner or later, everyone will realize that the logo is not what they were imagining it. So, always go for unique and distinct designs that will entice customers.

How a Bad Logo Design Impacts the Brand

A logo should communicate the brand’s personality, values and message to its audience. It should carry the intended feeling and resonate with the audience impeccably. The logo design should be well-thought out from the communication angle, otherwise, it can cause damage to the brand image. Moreover, it can create a feeling of distrust among the target audience hence, enforcing the audience to switch to other brands. A bad logo design carries certain disadvantages which are discussed as under.

Damaging the Brand Image

Firstly, and foremostly, a bad logo design can disrupt the base of a strong brand. It is the first visual cue that the audience sees and makes an impression of the brand. It can also become a prevalent obstacle in ramping up the desired brand image. As a small business or startup, they try hard to make their place within the industry offering specialized product and services. But the customers will reach further if they see amazing branding, which is backed by a marvelous logo.

Failing to Distinguish from Rivals

If you are looking to establish a brand that truly leaves its mark, make sure to stand out from your rivals within the industry. A successful brand always is distinct and recognizable by its customers. If a brand is similar to others, it loses its unique selling proposition and hence, cannot prosper. Bad logo designs are usually a combination of stock and generic elements that you will see in every other logo. Being agonizingly similar to other logos in the market, they fail to make a lasting impression and thus, are lost among the sea of logos already existing in the market.

Customers Migrate to Other Brands

A bad logo design can cause a significant harm to the brand – one of them being driving away customers. A bad logo design disinterests customer making them sway away for other competitive options. Even if the brand offers superior quality products, a bad logo design will stop customers from choosing the brand. Particularly for small businesses and startups, they need to be competitive in terms of product and service offerings. You are not the only one offering something unique, there are thousands out there and if the customers choose them over you, you are literally out of business. Brands can face a lot of consequences because of a bad logo design, so, craft your logo wisely.

Market Share Loss

The business growth is highly dependent on the market it controls. Its fair share of the market determines the level it can reach. Small businesses aspire to take a chunk of share to bolster their growth but it can take years to make their name in the market. Yet, the years of hustle and struggle is defined by patience and good branding, remaining consistently within the customer’s eyeline. With bad logo designs, the brand will fail to make an impact and hence, would lose market share no matter how good the product is. Everything is dependent upon the first impression and logo design is usually the first thing customers notice. If the logo is bad, then a disaster will follow inevitably.

Confusing the Customers

A good logo should get all the boxes ticked when crafting a bespoke logo design. It should carry the message and consistently convey the meaning to the target audience instantly. If the customers are not intrigued by the logo, maybe its time to go back to the drawing board. The logo can be confusing for customers if it has irrelevant images, font and contrasting themes which leads to customer distrust on the whole. The logos would differ on what they intend to deliver and what they actually mean in the customer’s perception. Without a cohesive image, the brand will go nowhere and soon, will be erased from customer’s memories. All of this is because it confuses the customers of what the brand stands for, and what are its values.

The Wrap Up

The logo design is one of the most important elements of branding. It is not just another symbol the businesses want to get in place, instead it is a meaningful icon that defines a brand’s legacy. A logo should be well thought-out and crafted to perfection so that it resonates with the target audience instantly. But the logo has a deep connection with the brand communication. If the logo fails to convey the brand message, values and personality, the brand can be unsuccessful. Similarly, a bad logo design can negatively impact the brand image. Complicated design, non-scalability, obsolete and general design are signs of a bad logo. Consequentially, the logo can cause damage to brand image, fail to identify the brand as distinct, customers might move to competitor brand, lead to market share loss and confuse the customers.

If the brands want to succeed, they are likely to avoid bad logo designs and divert their attention to crafting great logos. If you are looking for great logo designs with all the considerations in mind, try Design Vikings. We are a team of in-house experts and professionals that are skilled and well-equipped with the industry-knowledge and experience to craft logos that make the brand successful. Get in touch to know more.